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Experienced in providing maintenance and installation services across the marine sector, Tasman Rope Access can provide highly skilled specialists and technicians to plan, manage and execute a wide range of projects, breakdowns and preventative maintenance tasks.

Due to the nature of marine environments, Tasman Rope Access is always reaching out to our global partners to look for innovative solutions to reduce the operation cost. This unique and versatile approach to solving problems, combined with our extensive experience in the development and deployment of new technologies and techniques ensures innovative access and safety solutions for our clients.

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Our Marine Capabilities

Tasman Rope Access has wide ranging experiencing in providing maintenance and installation services across the marine sector within jetties, wharfs and ships.

Tasman Rope Access can perform:

  • Commission of the slip hook systems;
  • Fault finding and repair (i.e. loose conduit, broken hinges etc.);
  • Hook release systems, winches & lighting;
  • Inspection and replacement of clamps and securing of grid mesh;
  • Inspection, replacement and tightening of structural components;
  • Installation of new studs on dolphin fenders;
  • Replacement of rubber fender brows;
  • Removal, repair and replacement of the dolphin cones
  • Weld repairs and replacement of damaged support structures; and
  • Welding, fabrication and repairs to existing studs on dolphin fenders.
  • Navigational lighting faults and repairs; and
  • Removal of chains and components, rigging and removal of the dolphin cone, repair works and the installation of replacement cones;
  • Replacement and tightening of fender chains, lugs and tensioners;
  • Replacement of snapped fender chains, slides, pads and mounting hardware;

Our Services

We have the skills to offer tailor-made, precise maintenance solutions on a wide variety of Rope Access projects across Australia.

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Our Partners

Tasman Rope Access, Tasman Power (EC 008378), and Northwest Mining & Civil are subsidiaries of Tasmea Limited.

Our Accreditations

We place the safety of site personnel above everything else.

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