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Asset Management


Asset Management

The cost implications of asset downtime and lost productivity can be massive and an expense that no business can afford. Therefore, our services are designed to minimise your downtime by offering our extensive knowledge and expertise to manage your assets effectively and efficiently for the long term.

Our experienced and versatile workforce possesses a variety of skills and qualifications assisting our client with planning right through to the completion of the job. Effective asset management could result in:

  • Improved asset performance
  • Improved capital productivity
  • Improved decision making for maintenance via reporting
  • Higher levels of predictability
  • More effective risk management
  • Optimized lifecycle costs


  • Collaborate and leverage leading practices from other organisations and industries
  • Align with existing reliability and asset management standards
  • Identify common elements of successful reliability programs,
  • Including processes, tools, technologies, and organisational roles enable benchmarking and comparison of asset management performance within the mining and externally reduce time spent assessing repairs and future planning


Our in-house workshop can fabricate any project to the highest quality with our experienced engineering and design teams ensuring a hassle-free experience. Tasman can complete all aspects of your request by our highly skilled team from initial fabrication, electrical wiring, powder coating, and installation of the finished products. Ranging from chutes, pipework, platforms, and maintenance across multiple industries. Tasman Rope Access can guarantee our client’s best interests are at heart.

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