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Blasting and Painting


Blasting and Painting

Tasman Rope Access specialises in blasting and painting protective coatings to provide our customers with continuous surface protective solutions over the complete life cycle of an asset from engineering through to operations and maintenance.

Our skilled team, particularly within the resources and industrial sectors, offers innovative, cost-effective, and safe solutions to extend the life of your assets. We offer flexible execution models, both offsite and onsite, and an extensive range of applications for storage tanks, equipment, pipework, structural steel, tank linings, floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, and cable coating.

Depending on specific site requirements, we can additionally offer wet blasting and high-pressure or ultra-high-pressure water blasting to cater to a variety of site infrastructure maintenance and tie-in construction challenges. Using the latest protective coatings and treatment methods, we offer a range of specialised systems and services in addition to traditional industrial coating service allowing us to provide alternate coating options and bespoke solutions to a variety of corrosion challenges.

Tasman Rope Access uses only the safest, yet most appropriate preparation and coating techniques. This includes mechanical protection, ultra-high-pressure water with the abrasive option, dry blasting, airless and conventional spraying, brush, and roller painting applications. Working in conjunction with product suppliers, we provide advice regarding the best coating and methods for specific applications.

Fire Protection/Cable Coating:

  • Reduces the risks associated with fire damage to electrical assets.
  • Prevents flame propagation through cableways.
  • Prevents and delays fire damage to cables.
  • Segregates and isolates cables and structures into fire zones; and
  • Has the potential for insurance compliance with coating application to electrical structures.
  • Issued with a Certificate of Compliance.
  • Lasts for the lifetime of the cable.
  • Does not de-rate the cable.
  • Is weather and water-resistant.
  • Has a neutral pH level of 8; and
  • Is installed with ‘test tabs for insurance and QA purposes


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